The Arsenal Affair

The Arsenal Affair

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Wenger's Elaborate Reus

From the stubborn lip of Thierry Henry to the rest of planet punditry, it appears the consensus is Olivier Giroud is not good enough for Arsenal. Whilst Giroud's goalscoring record is impressive, the burden of being the main striker heaps of lot of pressure on the Frenchman's shoulders and to ease this load Wenger must engage in the arguous task of finding a player who can share the responsibilities as a centre forward: One man that ticks all boxes in Marco Reus.

Techniqly gifted, pacey and mercurial with the ball at his feet, the German also has a eye for goal. It's true most of his football has been played in wide positions, but he has proved himself proficiant as a striker for the German National team and at times for Dortmund. His refusel to be shrugged of the ball and reliable first touch means Reus could handle the physicality of the English Premier League and his lethal finishing is doubted by none.

Reus's availability should not be a factor despite his commendable loyalty, the German had turned offers to leave in 2014 when Dortmund were powerless to stop him due to a release clause, a clause no longer in place as he penned a new deal last year. Dortmund however, are a club in decline, after disappointing in the Bundesliga this year, Jurgan Klopp will leave the club and will likely be followed by Mats Hummels and Ilkay Gundogan. Reus must surely leave Dortmund if he is to progress his career to the next level of being considered as an air to the Messi/Ronaldo throne.

The German international has previously expressed his admiration for Arsenal due to his boyhood hero Tomas Rosicky. It was revealed recently the Czech will stay at Arsenal for an extra year, was some of this decision down to Wenger's pursuit of Petr Cech but also maybe Marco Reus.

A logical question would be why don't Arsenal look closer to home with Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott all capable of playing centre forward. Sanchez has enjoyed a wonderful first season with Arsenal but he does not get in the position's a number 9 should. He is always being attracted to the wing so he can cut inside to shoot. Welbeck for all intense and purposes was the man picked for this role, but given his chance with a lengthy run in the team, he was not convincing enough, despite a useful player to have in the squad due to his versatility and work rate.

Theo is the man who would cut down a forest just be given a chance as the Gunner's number 9, but he must improve his first touch and hold/link up play before he can be trusted and there is also the issue of maintaining his fitness.

Reus would be among friends at Arsenal due to their German contingent, this would hopefully help him settle in quickly, he also boasts a good working relationship with Mesut Ozil which gives him a big advantage over any other possible suitors. At the age of 25, the Dortmund star's potential is unlimited, with Arsene Wenger he will have found a mentor with a track record for converting wingers into strikers. Arsenal are beginning to arrange the puzzle pieces needed to progress to the next level, Marco Reus could represent an integral part of that.

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